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NSU faculty, administration, and staff have access to professional recording of events, media conversion, and video compression and linking.

Digital Communications

GreenMail, information for all users, how a College or Department may request an email account, and information about email List may be found on the Digital Communications page.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services supports and maintains the internet connections at NSU. Learn about Data Center services, network services, and phone and computer line installation.

ITS Kit & Kaboodle

Find the NSU campus standards for software, hardware, labs, print quotas, and departmental purchases.

ITS Partner Discounts

Faculty, Staff, and students may find discounts available through ITS corporate partners.

Security & Access

Find information about Security and Access for buildings, technology, and NSU networks on the Security & Access page. VPN instructions.


Learn how to purchase, install, and use the telecommunication services at NSU.

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Kit & Kaboodle

What are Kit & Kaboodle?

Kit is a set or collection of implements or tools.

Kaboodle means all of the things in question. 

Common Phrase: The whole kit and caboodle.

C and K are both correct. ITS went with K, because if you can't play with phonics (which can't be spelled phonetically) to enhance the aesthetics of alliteration at a university, you need to work harder.


If you would like assistance finding information on services:

Call the IT Service Desk: 5678