Working with Adobe Reader at NSU

Adobe Reader @ NSU

Adobe Reader is a campus standard software at NSU. This program allows users to open PDF document to read and PDF forms to fill.

Visit to see the new interface and tools. Note that the sharing features mentioned in the video do not apply unless you have an Adobe account.

Opening PDF's on your computer

To open a PDF fillable forms at NSU Right Click on the document icon and choose Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Opening PDF's online

How a PDF will behave depends on which browser you are using. 

Even though some browsers below allowed saving information that was filled in online, unless you test, it is best to download the form, open in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and Save As.

The browsers below were last tested: May 17, 2018


DO NOT FILL OUT ONLINE Save a copy of the blank form to your computer. You can then open the form on your computer, fill it in, and Save As to save your information. If you fill this out online you will have to fill it out again, it will save a blank form when downloaded.


Firefox would not allow form to be filled in online. 


Edge responses have completely changed since this was tested last year. When filled out online and saved the information entered remained intact.

Internet Explorer: 

Opened, filled, saved (online and on PC) with no issues. Opened with clearly defined fields as well as tools.


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