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*NEW for Fall 2018 - Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise*

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Adobe Creative Cloud apps bring state of the art design tools to NSU. Design, web, audio, and video creation and editing is now available to all Riverhawks.

Creative Cloud for Students - Lab and Library computers will give students access to best in class production tools that will benefit all majors.

Creative Cloud for Faculty & Staff - All faculty and staff will have named user licenses and may install an active copy on two machines. 

Creative Cloud App Guide - Common to all NSU packages

Design, Web, A/V, Configurable, Exclusive, and Archived types listed here. Tutorial and Demo links are provided here for many applications. When you open an app introductory tours and tutorials are offered in many apps.

Design Tools

Photoshop icon Photoshop - Edit and composite images, use 3D tools, edit video, and perform advanced image analysis. Tutorials: Get to know Photoshop; Create your first design

Illustrator icon Illustrator - Create vector-based graphics for print, web, video, and mobile. Tutorials: Get to know Illustrator; Design a logo

InDesign icon InDesign - Design professional layouts for print and digital publishing. Tutorials: Get started with Indesign; Create a business card

Bridge icon Bridge - Browse, organize and search your photos and design files in one central place. Bridge User Guide

acrobat pro icon Acrobat DC - Create, protect, sign, collaborate on, and print PDF documents. Demo: What is Acrobat DC?  More tutorials available on this page.

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Web Tools

Dreamweaver icon Dreamweaver - Design, develop, and maintain standards-based websites and applications. Demo: See what you can do with Dreamweaver See Tutorials in right panel of screen.

Animate icon Animate - Create interactive animations for multiple platforms. Demo: What is Animate CC?

Video and Audio

Premiere Pro icon Premiere Pro - Edit video with high-performance, industry-leading editing suite. Tutorials: Create a project and import a clip; Edit DSLR video

After Effects icon After Effects - Create industry-standard motion graphics and visual effects. Tutorial: Get to know After Effects See more tutorials on right panel of the screen.

Audition icon Audition - Create, edit, and enhance audio for broadcast, video, and film. Demo: What is Audition? The right panel on this screen offers tutorials in Audition.

Prelude icon Prelude - Streamline the import and logging of video, from any video format. Tutorials: Organize your media and create a rough assembly with Prelude; Organize clips, subclips, and sequences; Add comments to your media files

Media Encoder icon Media Encoded - Streamline the import and logging of video, from any video format. 22 Adobe Media Encoder tutorials: Ingest, transcode, output, and publish any format you can imagine.

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Configurable - may be turned on and off

Lightroom iconLightroom - Edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere. Tutorials: Lightroom CC Get Started course

Exclusive - only in Creative Cloud

Xd iconXd - Design, prototype, and share user experiences. Tutorial: Get started with XD

Character AnimatorCharacter Animator - Animate your 2D characters in real time. Tutorial: Adobe Character Animator for new users

InCopy iconInCopy - Professional writing and editing solution that tightly integrates with InDesign. User Guide

Fuse iconFuse - Create custom 3D characters for Photoshop projects. Tutorial: Create 3D characters with Fuse CC

Archived - no longer developed or updated

SpeedGrade 2015 - Manipulate light and color in video footage. Tutorials

Fireworks - Rapidly prototype websites and applications, and optimize web graphics. Tutorials: CS6 Video Tutorials

Flash Building Premium - Build exceptional apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry using a single code base.

Extension Manager - Manage extensions. 

Extendscript Toolkit - Run scripts right from ESTK without saving the file.

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Creative Cloud for Students

Students, ITS is please to present the Adobe Creative Cloud, now available to you! 

All of the apps listed above in the CC guide will be installed on the computers listed below.

Even if you are not taking a class using these tools, learning to use them will give you very marketable skills that can give you an advantage when beginning your careers. These tools can also be used to produce polished professional quality work for your classes that you will be proud to include in your portfolio when applying for jobs.

Where Creative Cloud is Available

Tahlequah - 629 Computers

Labs - 251 computers

BT B8 


Leoser 240


Sci 270

Seminary Suites Clubhouse

SH 135

SH 136

SH 200

SS 211

Webb 212

Webb 213

Classrooms - 241 computers

FA 202

BT 126

BT 128

BT 129

SH 232

SS 106

Webb 207

Webb 307

Libraries - 118 computers

Lib 105

Lib 118A

Lib 1st & 2nd floor public access

Northeastern Newspaper - 15 computers

Veterans Lounge UC BSMT - 4 computers

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Muskogee - 56 Computers

Labs - 19 computers

Admin 116

Classrooms - 37 computers

Synar 205 - All but first two rows.

Admin 209

Broken Arrow - 349 Computers

Labs - 107 computer

BABT 137

BAED 113

BALA 234

BASC 2nd floor

Classrooms - 123 computers

BABT 129

BALA 118

BALA 130

Libraries - 119 computers

BALB 1st & 2nd floor Public Access

BALB 106 Classroom

BALB 110 Classroom

BALB Veterans Center

BALB 226 Writing Center

Getting Started with Creative Cloud

Students, your  NSU userID and password will give you access to all the Creative Cloud apps listed in the Guide above in all the locations listed.

It's that simple!

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Creative Cloud for Faculty & Staff


Adobe Education Exchange: Resources for educators to learn, teach, discuss, connect, and more...

Adobe Professional Development: Unleash creativity in your office and classroom through free, on-demand professional development from Adobe.

9,117 Classroom Lesson Plans: Download free tutorials, projects, and lessons to teach digital media in your classroom.

Adobe Create Magazine: See and learn about creators and their creations. Topics include: Graphic Design, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Photography, Art Direction, Audio/Video, Branding, Creative Residency, and Screen Design.

Instructions to Use Adobe Creative Cloud on campus

Open Adobe Creative Cloud

  1. Verify you have the email from Adobe that tells you Access is granted (Do NOT click the Get Started button, you will use the email to load Adobe Creative Cloud on your home computer), and the red Adobe Creative Cloud icon on your desktop.Creative Cloud icon
  2.  Double click the Adobe Creative Cloud on your desktop.
  3. A console window will open. Type your NSU email address in the email text field. When you press enter or tab your options will change.
  4. Click in the Enterprise ID box.
  5. You will have an NSU Login open. Sign in.
  6. The console will reopen.

Installing Adobe Apps on your computer at NSU

  1. Select the Apps tab on the third bar from the top of the console. You will see a list of all available App in the main section of the console. This list shows the icon, app name with description, and a button that will give the option to Open, Install, or Launch.
  2. Select the app you would like to work in and click the Install button. A bar showing the progress of the installation will replace the button. When the installation is complete the button will return and will say Open. Click Open to start using the app.

Some app have companion programs. These are programs that will help you complete a project. When this is the case a second app will install on your computer. You can see all apps installed in the Installed Apps tab at the top of the apps list.

Examples: When installing Photoshop, Camera Raw will install so that digital photographers may work with pictures in this format. When installing Premiere Pro, Media Encoder will install to allow your finished video to be saved in the desired format.

 Launch: Three Platforms Available

Portfolio, Spark, and Behance are platforms that launch in web browsers to let you create and share your work and accomplishments with the world.


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