Accessibility @ NSU

Improving Accessibility @NSU

Emails, documents, and web pages are about communicating a message. Accessibility is about making sure everyone can get that message.

Accessibility is about people.

To learn more about accessibility visit the WebAIM Introduction to Web Accessibility site.

Additional Accessibility Resources @NSU

Students may request assistance from Student Affairs - Student Disabilities Services Office.

Faculty are encouraged to work with The Center for Teaching and Learning to make sure all class materials are accessible.


Application resources are divided into three categories:

User Resources

These tools and trainings are meant to help those using assistive technologies.

Creator Resources

These tools and tutorials are designed to help build skills to create accessible communications.

General Resources

These resources are tailored for everyone who uses the applicable application.


Google Apps

This includes Forms, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Microsoft Office

Includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.

Windows 10

Ease of Access, access to Windows 10 tools.