Learn to be Cyber Savvy

Cyber Security

The goal of Cyber Security Training is to make sure everyone at NSU has the knowledge to act to protect themselves and their devices as well as the NSU network and devices. Learning about Cyber Security can be scary, but it is not about fear, it's about having the knowledge to protect ourselves in the digital age.

October is National Cyber Security Month but security matters everyday.

Calling All RiverHawks to be the first level of protection for NSU. Action matters!


RiverHawks of all ages


Learn to be a Cyber Savvy RiverHawk

When:  Everyday!!!

Where: its.nsuok.edu

Why: We all depend on our computers, devices, and the internet to be there for us. This is how we keep them working and safe.

Become A Cyber Hawk


Learn about malware, what it is, and how it effects your digital devices and you.


Learn to identify and avoid phishing. Don't get hooked.

Password Safety

A strong password is your most important digital protection. Learn how to make a strong password and why it's important.

Be an Informed Cyber Citizen

We all live, work, and play in a digital landscape. Therefore, we all need to understand this new cultural space and how to be responsible within cyber space.