Introducing ITS at NSU

Information Technology Services @ NSU

Information Technology Services (ITS) at Northeastern State University (NSU) provides students, faculty, and staff excellent service along with high quality, accessible, and reliable information systems to support operational processes and planning. ITS also provides a context in which students, faculty, and staff can use technology in instruction, research, classrooms, administrative operations, and public service.

ITS has three departments that work together to help make NSU a great place to work and learn.

Information Technology Services

Enterprise Systems

Implements and maintains the larger systems like Banner and Argos. This is the department with the system administrators and programmers.


Maintains the network and servers. Installs and maintains the communication systems and the wires, plugs, and switches that make them work.

Client Services

Runs the IT Service Desk and is the hub through which NSU accesses ITS services. Installs and repairs NSU computers. Offers training. Answers the switchboard.

W. Roger Webb in front of the Webb building

W. Roger Webb (NSU President 1978-1997) in front of the Webb Technology Center