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Clear Pass for Network Connections comes to Seminary Suites Building C - Monday, October 8, 2018

Information Technology Services, in cooperation with Housing and Residence Life, is introducing ClearPass to Seminary Suites, Building C on Monday, October 2nd. ClearPass will manage connections to wired and wireless networks.

Follow the steps below to register with your current NSU Username and Password:

1. Connect your laptop/desktop to a wired Ethernet jack port on the bottom of the new white Aruba access points. For wireless connections, connect to the access point labeled NSU-A-Housing.

2. On your computer/phone/tablet/etc, after attempting to navigate to any webpage, you should be redirected to the NSU-branded ClearPass Sign On page shown below:

NSU Network Sign in box

3. Enter your NSU Username and Password to sign on.

4. Successfully signing on will take you to this Guest Manager page:

Guest Manager window

5. You will then need to register any devices you plan to use on the NSU Dorm Network.

6. Select Create Device to begin.

7. The screen below is where you will enter the Device Name and MAC Address of the device you wish to register. The MAC Address is a a series of 12 characters made up of the numbers 0-9 and the letters A-F. It is usually found on the network settings page or tab of the device you are using, and may also be called the hardware address. Up to ten total devices can be registered through the device registration portal:

Create Device window

8. After entering the required information select the Create Device button at the bottom of the page:

Create Device button

9. You will then be taken to a review window where you can choose to continue adding devices or the manage the devices you have already created.

10. When you are done creating and managing your devices select Logout in the top left corner:

Logout button

Cyber Security Tips @ NSU

Ever wonder why the computers lock when not used for a short time? 

Security is the quick answer. This is a cyber security best practice that has industry and State endorsement. Students that walk away from a computer risk lousing their work, but also control of their goNSU and email accounts. Faculty and staff have access to PII (Personally Identifiable Information), NSU accounts, and much more. The more you have access to, the more this practice protects you. To learn more read the State of Oklahoma Information Security: Policy, Information Security Policy, Procedures, Guidelines Procedures, Guidelines. Section 7.4 - Access Control addresses this issue.

Tech Jokes

Why did the developer go broke? 

Because he used up all his cache.


The ITS department at Northeastern State University manages a vast network with over 6500 devices attached to the system. During the course of an academic year the ITS department handles 7000 service request.

Information Technology Services is also responsible for administrative systems including Banner and a number of other interconnected software solutions.

There are many other projects in the works for 2018.